Premium Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners

Why Choose Dr. Carpet?

Highest stain removal success rate in the industry. Armed with only the highest quality non toxic agents, Dr. Carpet removes urine, blood, red wine, coffee, tea and just about any other nightmare stain. Dr. Carpet not only cleans your carpet, we also restore worn down and matted pile. Our scrubbers get down to the base, remove knots, groom and fluff it back up to revitalize carpets that were once destined for the trash. Our low moisture carpet cleaning method keeps underpadding and sub-floor dry, eliminating the risk of mold or mildew. Dry = Healthy

Carpets dry in less than 1 hour. Does not leave soapy or sticky residues Green Seal - Hypoallergenic Products Professional, polite & qualified technicians No reappearing stains - 30 day guarantee.


Pet Stain And Odour Removal
Pet Stain & Odour Removal


Black Light Test

Black Light Inspections & Decontamination
UV light inspections allow us to pinpoint all the hidden areas "Spot" has been bad in. Armed with Enzyme treatments to break down odour causing proteins and antimicrobial disinfectants to neutralize the rest. After cleaning. a second black light inspection proves they're gone.





high traffic

Hallway & High Traffic Areas
High traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms can become darkened and worn looking. See how it looks after the Dr. Carpet cleaning treatment.





matted pile

Worn & Matted Pile Restoration
High Traffic areas such as hallways and bedroom entrances can appear dull, greyed out and feel flattened and hard. Dr. Carpet's unique pre-spray formulas & pile scrubbing machines leave the carpet brighter, fluffier & well groomed.





Stairs Cleaning

Blacked & Beat up looking Stairs?
Staircases can take quite the beating and easily become neglected. Dirt and grime become trapped in the the knuckles & high traffic areas become very prominent. Using a combined encapsulation / extraction technique, our results will brighten up and revive the original colour.






What is Encapsulation?
A polymer compound which crystallizes on contact with a soil particle. Working like "tiny sponges", the deep-cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to their removal from the carpet during the cleaning cycle. Remaining compound residues continue to work as the carpet dries and are simply removed by vacuuming.






Dr. Carpet’s Encapsulation cleaning method uses 95% less water than your average Steam Cleaner. This means its quick drying, less chance of stain wicking (Reappearing stains) and no musty odours.