5 Tips & Tricks to Help Keep Carpeting Clean During the Winter

Do you picture a white, beautiful snowfall with everything nicely covered like in a picturesque postcard when you think of winter? While it can be gorgeous outside, snow presents all sorts of challenges for the inside of your home.


Carpeting Cleaning During Winter


You must deal with rock salt, dirt, and water getting tracked indoors. Then there is the matter of grey and black spots staining your carpeting. What can you do to still enjoy the snow and keep it outside where it belongs while protecting your carpeting?


Tip #1: Utilize plenty of doormats at every entrance.

One doormat is not enough in the winter. You need one mat outside and inside of each entrance. It is also beneficial to use additional mats near each door and double them up to place wet and snow-covered boots and shoes.


Trick #1: If your entryways are carpeted, consider placing a rubber mat over the carpeting and then placing a second mat on top. The rubber mat will stop water from soaking into and ruining the carpeting.


Tip #2: Keep the outside clean and shoveled.

If there are leaves, dirt, and other debris you still haven’t cleaned up from the fall, now is the time to do so. When it snows, these things are easier to track indoors on the bottom of boots and shoes.

Make sure to keep walkways shoveled when it does snow. Use rock salt to help with ice but use sparingly to avoid tracking it indoors.


Trick #2: If you have a covered entryway or garage, take boots and shoes off before entering the home. Remove excess snow and then bring them inside and place them on a mat to dry.


Tip #3: Clean up wet spots when you notice them.

If you notice wet spots on the carpeting, use a clean, white rag and blot the area to soak up the excess water. Taking care of wet spots while they are still wet could help prevent staining, as well as problems with mold and mildew in the carpeting.

Trick #3:Run your vacuum daily in high traffic areas to help keep dirt under control. Daily vacuuming also helps pick up rock salt and stops it from getting tracked through the home and staining the carpeting.


Tip #4: Don’t wear your shoes indoors.

Many people wear their shoes indoors when at home. Doing so is never a good idea at any time of the year. Have you ever walked barefoot down the streets in Toronto? Your feet turn black! The same debris is on the bottom of your shoes and gets transferred into your carpeting.


Trick #4:If you must have something on your feet while indoors, get indoor slippers or some comfy socks. Just remember to not wear them outside.


Tip #5: Get your carpeting cleaned before and after winter.

Having your carpeting cleaned in the spring and again in the fall helps keep dirt and debris out of the carpeting. Staining is also minimalized, and your carpeting will last much longer.


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