How To Tell When Your Carpeting Has Mold In It

If your carpeting gets wet and remains damp for prolonged periods, there is a good chance mold will form. The problem, however, is you may not necessarily notice mold has formed because it can easily be hidden away in the underlying carpet layer. In some cases, you might not ever see actual mold on top of the carpeting.


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As expert Toronto carpet cleaners and repair technicians, we can help let you know what you should be looking for to determine if there is mold in your carpeting and how to prevent it by using these tips.

How Old Is Your Carpeting?

If your carpeting is more than ten years old and has never been professionally cleaned, there is a good chance there is mold in the carpeting. As carpets get older, the fibers start to attract and retain more and more dust and dirt. Dust and dirt spots appear on carpeting as black dots of varying sizes.

At this point, you may be better off having your carpeting replaced to ensure you get rid of any mold problems. These will become more evident the moment the carpeting is pulled up and you see the padding and subflooring.

Dry Wet and Damp Carpeting Quickly

It can be difficult to keep rain and snow off of the carpeting all the time. You also have to deal with accidental liquid spills. As long as you carefully blot up excess water from the carpeting and dry it quickly, you can prevent mold from becoming a problem. A great way to speed up the drying process is to use a floor fan.

A Musty-Like Odour in Rooms with Carpeting

If you notice a mustiness in different rooms in your home that have carpeting, there is probably mold in the carpet fibers. The musty smell is not entirely horrible but should not be ignored. Addressing the problem now with a professional carpet cleaning could potentially help save your carpeting.

There is an Increase in Allergies and Illnesses in Your Home

If you notice your allergies seem to flare up more frequently, you have a constant runny or stuffy nose or it seems your kids are constantly sick with some illness, it could mean you have mold in your carpeting. You may also notice problems with breathing, frequent asthma attacks if you have this conditionand an increase in respiratory infections.

The Carpet Colour Has Changed

Another sign of mold in carpeting is when sections of it appear to have changed colour. This indicates the mold is spreading from the underlying fiber layers to the upper layers. This is often considered an advanced mold problem because it has not been resolved sooner.

The best way to prevent mold in your carpets and keep them looking great is with regular professional carpeting cleaning services in Toronto from Dr. Carpet. We also can help with carpet repairs, upholstery cleaning, area rugs, and water damage. Call 647.800.5199 now to request a free quote.


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