5 Great Reasons to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Many of us with carpeted homes have thought about having our floors professionally cleaned. A fresh, sanitized, and good-looking carpet can improve the look of the home and go a long way toward improving indoor air quality. If you have considered having your carpet professionally cleaned but are still not convinced, consider these five great reasons to call in your Toronto area professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional Carpet Cleaning



1. Maintenance

To keep your carpet looking like new, it is important to properly maintain it. Vacuuming weekly, cleaning stains and spills promptly, and once-yearly professional carpet cleaning are all part of routine carpet maintenance. Maintaining your carpet extends its life and ensures that you do not inadvertently void your warranty. Most carpet manufacturer warranties require professional carpet cleaning at least once a year.

2. Appearance

Carpets are designed to be used. However, even the most durable carpets can begin to look aged and worn down over time. Foot traffic, accidental spills, and dust build-up all take their toll on carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning can restore the look of your carpet and keep it looking like new for years to come.

3. Cleanliness

No matter how fastidious a housekeeper you are, it is almost impossible to get a carpet thoroughly clean on your own. Dust, dander, and pollen get trapped in hard-to-reach areas like carpet padding and deep in the carpet fibers and make it difficult to get up with vacuuming alone. Professional carpet cleaning gets up what regular vacuums cannot, ensuring that your home is thoroughly clean and allergen-free.

4. Weather

The weather outside can have a huge impact on the appearance and cleanliness of your carpet — and not just from what comes inside on your feet! Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause the carpet to expand. Expansion is one of the leading causes of carpet wrinkling.

Humidity can also make it more difficult for treated stains to dry, which can cause the stain to reappear or the treated carpet (a phenomenon referred to as “wicking”). Saturated carpets and padding can lead to mold and mildew growth, causing damage to the subfloor. Professional carpet cleaners ensure that all moisture is removed from the carpet, allowing it to dry completely.

5. Professional Advice

Your local Toronto professional carpet cleaning company can provide you with advice that you can count on. When the carpet cleaners inspect your carpet they will identify potential problems, recommend solutions, and can give you a detailed strategy for keeping your carpet looking its best in-between cleanings.

When it comes to keeping your carpet in excellent condition, having it professionally cleaned is your best bet. For more information about our carpet cleaning services in the GTA and to get your carpet cleaning or repair quote, please feel free to call Dr. Carpet at 647-800-5199 today!


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