What Germs Are Hiding in Your Carpet?

If you walk around your home with your shoes on, any germs you have picked up from the outdoors is brought inside and gets into your carpeting and rugs. Germs include various types of bacteria, viruses, and other undesirable things no one really wants in their carpeting. Many germs are responsible for making us sick since they cause illnesses and diseases.


Germs Hiding in Carpet




Some of the most frequently found germs in carpeting and rugs include:


  • Urine and Feces: Wild animals, dogs, and cats all use the bathroom outdoors. In some cases, humans also go in places outdoors when they cannot find a restroom. You could easily walk over urine and feces which gets onto your shoes and brought into your home. Feces and urine can contain different types of harmful microorganisms.
  • Salmonella: Symptoms of salmonella often mimic the flu and causes serious infections in humans. It can be brought into the home from various sources. Among those, the most common is from feces.
  • Campylobacter: This is a type of harmful bacterial very common during wet times of the year. It prefers environments which are damp and wet. It is easily brought into the home on shoes, snow boots, umbrellas, and jackets. As water drips off of these things, the bacteria makes its home in rugs and carpeting. Common symptoms of a campylobacter infection are similar to the flu.
  • While this bacteria is common in food products that are not handled and prepared correctly, it still can get brought into the home and into your carpeting. For instance, a bird or other animal dies outdoors. Even after the animal is removed, there can be traces of E. coli left on the ground which can be picked up on the bottom of shoes and brought indoors. Signs of infection often mimic those of the flu.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus:This bacteria is frequently found in locker rooms at fitness centres, pool centres, and other such places. It can get onto your sweaty fitness clothes, shoes and even your gym bag. Sighs of a staph infection could include running a fever and a skin rash. If it is not treated, it can progress and become more severe. In more serious infections, it has been known to cause death.
  • Keep in mind this is just a sampling of different types of germs that can be brought into the home. Most germs that get into rugs and carpeting can survive as long as four to six weeks!

The best way to prevent your rugs and carpeting from becoming infested with germs is to never wear your shoes inside the home. If you must wear shoes, keep one pair that are only worn indoors and never outside.

Another thing you can do to keep germs under control is have your rugs and carpeting professionally cleaned at least twice a year. To schedule rug or carpeting cleaning for your GTA home, please feel free to call Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 today!


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