Tips to Help Keep Your Carpeting Cleaner Longer

The carpeting in your home is a major investment into flooring. Your goal should be to help it last as long as possible to ensure it maintains is beauty and luxuriousness. Getting the most out of your carpeting does require you to review your current cleaning habits and if there is anything you could be doing better.



Do you vacuum at least once a week?

Weekly vacuuming is good for your carpet’s appearance and helps improves its longevity. Not to mention, removes dirt, dust, and other debris. If you have pets or dust is an issue in your home, you may need to vacuum a few times a week.


Keep Carpeting Cleaner Longer



Are you using the right vacuum cleaner?

There are all types of vacuums you can use to vacuum your carpeting. You want to make sure the model you select is matched to your type of carpeting. For instance, brushless vacuums are better on thin and low-pile carpeting. While brush vacuums are better for thicker and high-pile carpeting.



Do you use doormats, runners and rugs in high traffic areas?

You can help protect you carpeting by using all three of these things around your home. Doormats help reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the home. Runners and rugs not only protect the carpet from dirt, but also accidental spills.


Do you clean up spills when they occur the right way?

When accidents occur, you want to make sure to clean them up off the carpeting immediately. You want to use a white towel and blot the carpeting. DO NOT scrub the spill, otherwise you could easily transfer any staining to a much larger area.


Do you keep your pets clean?

You want to make sure any pets that go outside are clean when they come back indoors. For dogs, you want to brush and bathe them weekly to keep pet dander and pet hair under control and out of the carpeting. For cats, a good brushing or a water-free shampoo work great.


Do you wear your shoes inside your home?

Wearing shoes inside your home can cause your carpeting to wear out much faster. It is a good idea to always take your shoes off before walking on your carpeting. If you must have something on your feet consider wearing socks, or getting slippers or a pair of shoes that you just wear indoors and never outside.


How often do you have the carpeting professionally cleaned?

You need to have your carpeting professionally cleaned at least once a year. You might not realize that most carpet manufacturers require you to do so in order to keep the warranty on your carpeting from being voided.



By taking the time to do the right things and adjust any cleaning habits, you are sure to get years of enjoyment out of your carpeting. To schedule professional carpeting cleaning for your home, please feel free to contact Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 today!


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