What Type of Vacuum Can Keep My Carpets Cleaner?

Everyone knows that vacuuming carpets on a regular basis will help them stay cleaner longer, in between regular professional carpet cleaning services. However, not everyone knows what type of vacuum is best for the type of carpeting in their home or business. Choosing the right vacuum is essential because it will determine how long your carpeting will last.


Types of Vacuum Cleaning




There are two general types of vacuums: Brushless and rotating brush models. People are the most familiar with the rotating brush models that have the round bar on the front of the vacuum with the bristle brushers. When the vacuum is turned on the bar spins causing the brushers to turn as well.



As the bar spins, the brushes reach deep into the carpeting to help loosen dirt, debris, pet dander, and pet hair and suck it up into the vacuum cleaner.The secondary purpose of the brushes is to fluff up the carpeting and make it look nice. The brushes can also help pull up and trapped carpet fibres so they stand back up.

Rotating brush vacuums work the best on carpeting with a deep pile or carpeting that is thick and fluffy. On thin carpeting, the brushes can actually cause more harm than good, as it can cause the carpeting to wear faster.

Persian and other types of soft fibre carpeting, like certain Berber and Oriental styles, also are not designed for rotating brush vacuums. The brushes can catch on the fibers and actually pull them out of the carpeting.

For these types of carpeting, you need a suction-type, brushless vacuum. These types of vacuums remove dirt through the force of the suction create when the vacuum is turned on. Brushless vacuums are well-suited for low pile, short carpeting that is not deep, as well as other types of smooth flooring in your home, like laminate.

Aside from these two general types of vacuums, some higher-end modern vacuum cleaners offer a variety of cleaning options, like being able to shut of the rotating brushes when vacuuming thin or low pile carpeting and turning the rotating brushes on when vacuuming deep pile carpeting. If you have different types of carpeting in your home, a high-end model with these features would be the perfect vacuum for your home.

In addition to choosing the right vacuum for your home, it is vital to do regular vacuum maintenance. On rotating brush models, you should inspect the bristles and replace the rotating bar when the bristles look worn, bent, or split. The only other maintenance you need to perform on all vacuums, is to change any air filters, wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth, and periodically wash the plastic “bag-less” bag.

By using the right vacuum cleaner and having your carpets professionally cleaned, they will look great for many years. To schedule carpeting cleaning for your Toronto and GTA home or business, please feel free to call Dr. Carpet  at 647.800.5199 today!



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