Six Tips for Preventing Water Damaged Carpeting

Preventing water damages inside your home and to your carpeting is something everyone in your household has to help with. While not all types of water damages can be fully eliminated, it is possible to reduce the risks of accidental damages to your carpeting by using these great tips and suggestions.




  1. Inspect your roof twice a year for damages. Damaged roofs are a very common source of water damage to homes and carpeting. If you notice cracked, broken, or missing shingles call a roofing contractor and have your roof repaired.
  2. Look for water stains on walls and ceilings after heavy rain showers or excessive snow. Leaks in your roof and attic may not be that big or noticeable right away. One way to know you have a leak is if you start to see water stains on walls and ceilings. If you find any you will want to call a contractor to determine the source of the leak.
  3. Inspect your hot water heater regularly. As your water heater ages, the tank can slowly start to wear out and develop leaks. Make sure your emergency drain pain is not cracked and the drain line is not clogged, just in case your water heater does spring a leak.
  4. Inspect any plumbing lines you can access monthly. Check under cabinets, under the toilet, and other such areas you can access for signs of water leaks. Additionally, check the plumbing pipes for signs of bulging, cracking, or other such problems. Call your plumber if you discover any problems and have them fixed right away.
  5. Replace your washing machine hoses every five years. The rubber hoses on your washing machine water inlets can rupture as they get older. While hoses could last ten years or longer, you are only increasing the risks of water damages. The older the hose get, the weaker it becomes and could easily burst. If this happens, water will flow freely into your home until it shut off.
  6. Make sure you and everyone in your home knows where water shut offs are located. In the event of a water emergency, you want to shut off the water right away. Sometimes you can do this under a sink if the problem is past the shut off. In other situations, you may have to shut the water main off instead.

What to Do If Water Damage Does Occur

In the event your carpeting is damaged by water, the most important thing to saving the carpeting is to address the problem right away. The sooner the water can be remove so the carpeting can dry out, the better. In addition, you will also want to get any other freestanding water removed from the home.

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