How to Keep Carpets Clean in Pet-Friendly Homes



From pet odours, stains, pet dander and shedding to wet and muddy paws, pets can make keeping carpets clean in your home challenging. As much as we love our pets and treat them like our children, they can quickly ruin our carpeting if we do not use the right preventative steps. To help keep your carpets clean and your pets happy, our Toronto carpet cleaning and repair company offers the following tips:




  1. Use carpet runners and area rugs. Carpet runners are great for hallways where you pets like to play and run around. Area rugs are perfect of areas where you pet likes to sit and rest, like in the living room while you watch TV.
  2. Place pet pads under carpet runners and area rugs. If you pet has accidents from time to time, you can stop the wetness from soaking into the carpeting and creating a stain with pet pads. You want to place the pet pad under the main area of the runner or rug, but not along the edges. There has to be an inch or so of actual runner or rug touching the carpeting to prevent it from sliding.
  3. Vacuum carpets two to three times a week. With pets in the home, weekly vacuuming is not enough to keep shedding and pet dander under control. Plus, if your pet accidently brings in fleas, it will be easier to get them under control and out of your home with frequent vacuuming.
  4. Use two door mats at areas where you pets goes in and out of the home. Most people have door mats outside their doors already. You will want to get additional ones and place these inside. This way there are two areas where dust and dirt can be removed when you pet comes back inside.
  5. Wipe your pet’s paws off when they come back inside. You can prevent water, dirt, and mud from getting tracked into the home and carpeting by cleaning your pet’s paws whenever they enter the home. You should keep a supply of pet-friendly wipes and towels near your doors for easier access.
  6. Clean up accidents right away. If you pet has an accident on the carpeting, you do not want to let it sit for long. Do not scrub the carpeting as this will only spread scent of the accident around. Instead, slowly blot the carpeting to as much moisture as possible. Then spray the area with a pet deodourizer carpet-safe product.
  7. Have your carpets, carpet runners, and area rugs professionally cleaned twice a year. Maintaining the appearance of your carpeting, runners, and rugs while preventing unwanted pet odours from becoming trapped in the carpet fibres requires at least two cleanings each year.

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