5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned


If you are like most people with carpeting in your home, you probably think that regular vacuuming and spot treating stains is enough to maintain your carpet. While vacuuming should be part of routine carpet maintenance, it is often not enough to thoroughly clean your carpets.

You may also be surprised to learn that many carpet warranties require regularly scheduled professional carpet cleanings. Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

1) Vacuuming isn’t enough. We already mentioned that vacuuming really isn’t enough to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned. Steam is the most effective method for lifting dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander, and other particles trapped in your carpet. Vacuuming can certainly put a dent in the accumulation in your carpet, but if you want to keep your home truly dust and allergen free, steam cleaning is the way to go.

2) You shouldn’t steam clean carpets yourself. Only steam can effectively lift all that dust and other fine particulate matter from your carpet. While there are non-professional versions of steam cleaners available they pale in comparison with professional-grade versions. Only a professional-grade machine can truly remove all the moisture that a thorough steam cleaning leaves.

3) Moisture can cause mold. When you don’t hire a professional carpet cleaning company, you may not be getting all of the moisture out of your carpets. The trapped moisture can lead to mold growth underneath your carpets and turn your home into an incubator for mold growth.

4) Professionals know what products to use on your carpet You wouldn’t bring your beloved pet to a mechanic for check-ups, and you shouldn’t use just any product on your carpet. Every carpet is different – from the fibres used to the pile – and requires different levels of care and the use of different products. Professional carpet cleaners have the experience and know-how to maintain your carpet.

5) Cleaning your carpet prolongs its life. We tend to take the flooring in our homes for granted. Leaving dust, dander, and allergens in your carpet can actually wear down the fibres and shorten the life of your carpet – requiring you to replace or repair it much sooner than you expected. Furthermore, if you weren’t having your carpets regularly professionally cleaned your warranty may no longer be valid.

You can keep your carpet for a lifetime if you keep it clean. Hiring your local Toronto carpet cleaning service for regular routine maintenance will keep your carpet clean, reduce allergens, and improve the air quality in your home. To find out more information about carpet cleaning services, carpet repairs, area rug cleaning, and other related services, please call Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 today!


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