Carpeting and Upholstery Spring Cleaning Tips

With spring officially here, now is the time to start sprucing up your home and give it a well-deserved deep cleaning to get rid of wintertime dust and dirt. While you might want to jump head-first into tackling your carpeting and upholstery, since these items are the most noticed, they are not the best places to start your spring cleaning.

Why? Quite simply because you will only make them dirty again and need to repeat cleaning processes. Rather you want to start by spring cleaning from the top of the room down towards the floors. Dust and cobwebs need to be wiped away from ceilings, crown molding, and ceiling fans and light fixtures first. During the dusting process, no matter how hard we try, some of the dust and dirt is going to fall onto our furniture and the carpeting.

Next, dust off pictures, shelving, entertainment centres, and other furniture. If you have a fireplace in the room, this is a great time to clean it out, too and wipe down the mantle. Once you have all the other areas and items in the room cleaned, now you are ready to deep clean the carpeting and upholstery.

Deep cleaning requires several specific steps and processes to ensure the best cleaning as follows:

1. Vacuum the upholstery. Remove cushions and remember to get underneath and down the sides.

2. Remove the furniture from the room. If you want to best results, you need to take everything out of the room. People are often surprised to find tears, rips, stains, and other such messes in their carpeting that were hiding under their furniture.

3. Vacuum the carpeting. Once the room has been cleared, vacuum the entire room. If you had bigger pieces you were not able to remove, vacuum around them and then slide them out of the way to get underneath.

4. Have tears, rips, and stains repaired. Depending on the age of your carpeting and volume of traffic – most last on average around ten years – you will want to get these types of damages fixed to extend the life of the carpeting.

5. Have the carpet professionally cleaned. Your vacuum cleaner only gets out so much dirt, dust, pet dander, and allergens. Professional cleaners have the equipment needed to get down deep into the carpeting and released trapped dirt, stains, and debris for the best results, as well as the equipment to work with a wide array of different types of carpeting.

6. Have the upholstery professionally repaired/cleaned. Just like your carpeting, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a professional to deal with snags, tears, and rips in the upholstery and also give it a deep cleaning.

Once the carpeting and upholstery are dry, you are free to put items back into the room. This may also be a great time to rearrange the room and give it a new appearance! For further information about carpet repairs, cleaning, and stretching services, as well as upholstery cleaning services, contact the carpeting and upholstery experts at Dr. Carpet by calling 647.800.5199 today!


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