Toronto Carpet Repair Company Discusses How Often Restaurant Carpets Need Cleaned

Restaurants are one type of commercial business that sees a much higher volume of carpet traffic, compared to the carpeting found in a private office or even the carpeting within your home. Even though restaurants use durable, high traffic carpets designed to last, the problem is they do get dirtier faster from your customers, employees, and vendors, requiring more frequent cleanings.

How often do restaurant carpets need cleaned? Part of this is based upon several different factors as follows:


Maintenance of restaurant carpets should be just like any other maintenance you perform on a regular and daily basis. Carpets need to be vacuumed every day. You should not neglect the areas under chairs and tables, and these should be moved to ensure all food, dirt, and debris is removed. Customers and employees will also have accidents, where food and beverages can get spilled, so these need to be cleaned up right away, too, otherwise staining can occur.

If you notice signs where carpeting appears worn, looks thin, or is starting to fray, these areas of the carpeting need to be repaired immediately to avoid accidental slips, trips, and falls, which could result in personal injuries.

Frequency of Cleaning

At the very minimum, restaurants should have their carpeting cleaned by a professional service at least once every six months. Although, there are always exceptions, such as:

  • The volume of carpet traffic. For higher volume restaurants, dirt and debris will accumulate faster, so cleanings should be more often.
  • The time of year. The winter months can be extremely hard on carpeting with salt, sand, and water being tracked inside. If we have an excessive amount of snow, carpets could require cleaning every month or two just during the wintertime.
  • Carpet manufacturer warranty recommendations/requirements. Most carpet manufacturers require carpets be cleaned at specific intervals to maintain the warranty.
  • The frequency of spot cleaning and vacuuming. If you are not keeping up on regular spot cleaning and vacuuming, carpets should be cleaned more often to avoid damaging the fibres.

Due to these variations, most restaurants follow a schedule where they have their carpets cleaned every three to four months, and make adjustments based upon the above factors, as needed.

Preventative Tips

One beneficial option that can help extend the life of carpeting and reduce the frequency of cleanings is using high quality and durable mats in different locations inside the restaurant. For instance, you will want entry mats outside the doorway and inside the entrance to the restaurant. You may also want to have mats placed in locations where employees enter and leave the kitchen to catch some of the grease and debris and prevent it from getting into the carpets. Floor mats should be cleaned daily and changed out on a regular basis. If you use carpeted mats, have these professionally cleaned on a monthly basis.

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