Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is Eco-Friendly and Sanitary

Did you know indoor areas can contain as much as 100 times more pollutants than the outdoors? It is for this reason carpets should be vacuumed frequently, spot treated whenever there are accidental spills, and cleaned at a minimum once a year by a professional carpeting cleaning and carpet repair company in Toronto, like Dr. Carpet.

People track harmful pollutants into their homes and work on a daily basis. Most people spend on average 90 percent of their times indoors. The pollutants get trapped in carpeting and include allergens, dirt, and bacteria, as well as mold and mildew in some cases. Keeping your home’s or business’ carpets clean presents you with various carpet cleaning methods.

One of the more eco-friendly methods is call low moisture cleaning. With this method, a carbonated solution is mixed with an encapsulating cleaning product. The solution is sprayed directly onto the carpet’s surface to help penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and release the dirt, dust, pet dander, stains, and more.

Next, a round buffer pad, which is also called a “bonnet,” is attached to a scrubbing machine. The pad helps work the mixture deep into the carpeting with its rotating motion. The low moisture carpet cleaning machine is similar to a floor buffing machine used on hardwood and tiled floors. During the cleaning process, the bonnet pad is absorbent and helps attract the soil and other debris trapped in the carpeting. The pad is replace frequently throughout the process until the carpets are clean.

Since the low moisture method uses a special encapsulation and carbonated solution, carpeting dries rather quacking, depending on the type and thickness, with most traditional styles of carpeting being dry within about an hour.

How Does Encapsulation Help Clean Carpeting?

The encapsulation cleaning product used with low moisture carpet cleaning is a special polymer compound that contain special particles. When they come into contact with dirt, soil, dust, and other debris in the carpeting, they crystallize and transform into tiny little sponges to soak up stains, dirt, and debris from your carpeting.

The deep-cleaning compound contained within the crystals continues to work even after the cleaning process is complete. As the carpeting dries, the crystals continue to absorb any remaining residues, which then are removed by vacuuming the carpeting after it has dried.

Our low moisture carpet cleaning solution is well suited for high traffic areas where carpets can look dirty and dingy, as well as stairs. We can even help find all those “hidden” areas your pets might have had accidents and you were unaware using our detailed black light inspections and decontamination carpet cleaning processes.

Keep in mind the actual solutions required for your home or business can vary, based upon the amount of dirt, traffic, staining, and other such factors. Feel free to contact Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 now to request a quote for carpet cleaning, patching, repairing, installation, or stretching services in Toronto and the GTA.


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