Fall Carpet Cleaning & Patching Services

The Fall Is Perfect for Carpet Cleaning and Patching Services

As the weather starts to cool down and fall is here, now is a great time to get carpet cleaning and carpet patching service in Toronto. You probably have noticed high traffic areas and dirt from your kids and their friends being in and out of your home over the summer. There could be stains and spots on the carpeting from accidental spills that you discovered after they had set. Additionally, certain areas of the carpet might be so worn there is damage. 

Since the temperatures are cooler, carpeting cleaning and patching is much easier since you do not have to worry about humidity that increases drying times. With the kids back in school, they will not be underfoot or have to be contained to a specific area of the home while the carpeting is professionally cleaned. Getting your carpets patched and cleaned now, will restore their beauty and ensure your home is ready for any upcoming Halloween and holiday parties. 

Did you know most carpeting manufacturers require carpeting to be cleaned at least once a year to maintain the warranty? Many people do not even realize this and let their carpets go for longer periods of time in between cleaning. As a result, if they require warranty service, they later discover they violated the terms and conditions of the warranty. 

Get Free Professional Advice about Your Carpeting

A fully trained and licensed carpet technician is able to inspect your home and provide recommendations as to whether it would be better to get the carpeting patched and cleaned or replace it. In some cases, you may only need to replace part of the carpeting rather than the entire section in various rooms of your home. Obtaining this insight helps save you money and gives you several different options. 

Using the right carpeting cleaning methods removes spots, stains, dirt, dust, and other materials form the carpeting materials to restore its original appearance. There are several different techniques that can be used to eliminate dirty, dingy looking carpets. In addition, clean carpets help improve indoor air quality since cleaning removes airborne pollutants, allergens, and bacteria. 

Even if your carpeting looks like it is ready to be replaced, it still might be able to be saved with help from a professional Toronto carpeting patching and cleaning service. Frequently, people do not even consider this option and spend money on getting new carpeting, when their existing carpeting is still restorable and has several more years of life. Before you head out and start looking at new carpeting, have a professional carpet technician inspect your current carpeting. 

You might be surprised that it is possible to get your carpeting looking brand new without having to replace it. For additional information about professional carpet cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in the GTA, please contact Dr. Carpet today at 647-800-5199 to schedule a free in-home consultation appointment. We are also experts at water damage, upholstery cleaning, and area rug cleaning. 



dr. carpet offers the longest repair warranty in the industy. A 6 month, transferrable Warranty.  making us the perfect choice for preparing your home for market.