Tips to Help Keep Your Carpeting Cleaner Longer

The carpeting in your home is a major investment into flooring. Your goal should be to help it last as long as possible to ensure it maintains is beauty and luxuriousness. Getting the most out of your carpeting does require you to review your current cleaning habits and if there is anything you could be doing better.



Do you vacuum at least once a week?

Weekly vacuuming is good for your carpet’s appearance and helps improves its longevity. Not to mention, removes dirt, dust, and other debris. If you have pets or dust is an issue in your home, you may need to vacuum a few times a week.


Keep Carpeting Cleaner Longer


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Why You Should Spruce Up Carpeting before the Fall and Winter Holidays

The fall and winter holiday season is just right around the corner. Long before putting decorations and planning gatherings with family and friends, now is the time to spruce up your carpeting. Doing so, will make sure it looks great for all of your holiday celebrations.


Spruce Up Carpeting


The fall and winter holidays are the not only the most enjoyed, but also the busiest. You will be busy shopping, preparing and planning celebrations, working, taking care of the children, and doing other things that may not leave you much time getting your house ready for the holidays.


Scheduling carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet repair services can help make sure your home is prepared for the holidays. Plus, it means one less chore you have to worry about later.


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What Type of Vacuum Can Keep My Carpets Cleaner?

Everyone knows that vacuuming carpets on a regular basis will help them stay cleaner longer, in between regular professional carpet cleaning services. However, not everyone knows what type of vacuum is best for the type of carpeting in their home or business. Choosing the right vacuum is essential because it will determine how long your carpeting will last.


Types of Vacuum Cleaning




There are two general types of vacuums: Brushless and rotating brush models. People are the most familiar with the rotating brush models that have the round bar on the front of the vacuum with the bristle brushers. When the vacuum is turned on the bar spins causing the brushers to turn as well.


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