Maintaining Upholstered Furniture

Why You Need to Maintain the Appearance of Upholstered Furniture

Our sofas, love seats, recliners, chairs, and ottomans are used on a frequent basis and are put through normal wear and tear. Plus, there are often accidents by adults, children, and even our pets, where beverages get spilt, food gets dropped, and those unexpected incontinence accidents from toddlers and pets happen. 

Maintaining the appearance of your upholstered furniture is not difficult, as long as you get into the habit of ensuring you do various things on a regular basis. When was the last time you felt between the cushions on your sofa or even lifted them up, only to be surprised by all the food crumbs, hair, dirt, remote controls, children’s toys, and change you found? Not to mention food crumbs attract ants and other pests no one likes having in their homes. 

Further, not cleaning and maintaining your upholstered furniture results in an increase in dust mites. The human body constantly sheds dead skin cells all throughout the day, including while watching TV or relaxing on the sofa reading your favourite book. Dust mites consume the dead skin cells of both humans and pets, alike. For allergy suffers, an increase in dust mites can cause cold/flu-like symptoms, like a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and chest congestion. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Upholstered Furniture

As you can see, upholstered furniture is exposed to a wide array of dirt, dust, dead skin cells, pet dander, food, drinks and other accidents. The following tips can help keep you sofa, recliner, and other furniture cleaner and make it last longer. 

  1. Never scrub liquid spills when cleaning them up. For liquid spills it is better to blot and apply pressure to the area where the upholstery is wet. Scrubbing only spreads the liquid and if it is something that can stain, scrubbing will spread the stain. 
  2. Remove cushion covers if possible. Some upholstered cushion covers have a zipper you can open and remove from the actual padding. For liquid accidents, it is better to remove the cover to prevent the liquid from being absorbed into the actual padding. 
  3. Wash removable covers once a month. If the covers are made from washer-safe materials, toss them into you washer every month to remove dust mites, dirt, hair, and stuck on food crumbs. 
  4. Vacuum furniture weekly. Using various attachments on you vacuum, make sure to vacuum non-removable covers, seat backs, cracks, and underneath pull-out cushions. This will help remove dirt, dust, dead skin cells, food particles, and hair. 
  5. Have upholstered furniture deep cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Here at Dr. Carpet, not only do we offer carpet cleaning services, but also upholstery cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, to get down deep into the padding and remove stains, dirt, dust, and more. We utilize a unique process which leaves no soapy residues and our products and processes are safe for you, your family, and pets!

Even if you have furniture with moving parts and other electronic functions, such as heat and massage in a recliner, our cleaning processes are the preferred method for keeping these types of upholstered furniture clean. In addition, our methods are recommended by La-Z-Boy because we keep moving parts and electronics dry during cleaning processes, which prevents electrical shorts and corrosion of metal parts. 

For more information about our upholstery cleaning services or carpet cleaning, repair, patching, and stretching services, contact Dr. Carpet by calling 647.800.5199 today to request your free cleaning/repair quote!


Toronto Carpet Cleaning Helps Your Carpet Last Longer


Many Toronto homes have carpeting, which requires regular cleaning. Most homeowners know they need to clean their carpeting, but are not sure how often they need it professionally cleaned.  They also look for ways to help maintain their carpet for years to come. These tips and suggestions will help you maintain the appearance of carpeting and help you determine how often to get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company in Toronto.

  1. Keep as much as the dirt outside as possible.  As any parent will tell you, keeping dirt outside when you have children is next to impossible.  The easiest way to help with this is to insist that everyone who enters your home take their shoes off.  You will find that many different cultures have this as a part of their daily routine.  The removal of your shoes helps to limit the amount of dirt that is brought into your home and helps keep your carpets looking clean longer.
  2. Frequent vacuuming is important.  Vacuuming your home once or twice a week can help your carpet last longer. However, high traffic areas should be vacuumed at least twice a week, sometimes three, depending on the amount of traffic, and helps improve the longevity of your carpeting.  Make between four to six passes in the high traffic areas and between two to three passes in other areas is the best way to get as much dirt out of your carpeting as possible. 
  3. Clean stains and spots when you notice them. Many carpets have stain protection, but you still have to clean the stains spots, otherwise this protection will become ineffective.  When you do spot and stain cleaning, remember to blot the stained area and to never scrub.  In addition, you should avoid getting the carpeting overly wet and soaked as this can lead to other problems, like mold and mildew underneath the carpeting.   
  4. Move furniture and rearrange rooms to improve the longevity of your carpeting and keep it looking like new longer. By rotating, moving, or rearranging the placement of furniture every six months, it helps ensure even wear of the carpeting and helps it last longer. 
  5. Get carpeting professional cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance. Most carpet manufacturers recommend having carpeting professional cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you do not maintain a schedule of regular professional carpet cleaning, it could potentially void the warranty on your carpeting. This is not that often and many people make it part of their spring cleaning regimen, to ensure they remember to have their carpets cleaned annually. 
  6. Have carpeting patched and repaired to extend its life. Having your carpet patched and repaired from an experienced carpet patching company in Toronto will also help increase the longevity of your carpets.    

Eventually, your carpeting will need to be replaced, even when using the above tips and suggestions. The average home carpeting requires replacement every seven to ten years, or so. Usually, homeowners consider carpet replacement when they are renovating or remodeling their home or have recently moved into a new home and have no idea how old the current carpeting is, it is in desperate need of replacement, or they want a different colour more suitable to their tastes.

For more information about professional carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and carpet patching services in Toronto, please feel free to contact the experts at Dr. Carpet today by phoning 647-800-5199. We are happy to help you maintain and get the most life out of the carpeting in your GTA home.

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean During the Winter

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean During the Winter

Wintertime means snow, ice, sleet, and rain, as well as salt, dirt, and sand that is going to get tracked into your Toronto home. If you have pets and children, there is even more increased traffic coming in and out of the home. The sand, dirt, and salt get trapped in carpet fibers and salt causes a whitening to hardwood floors. In addition, you have to heat the home with your furnace and fireplace, which also creates additional dust that gets trapped in the carpet and onto floors. 

There are several different things you can do to help keep your home clean during the winter. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your cleaning schedule to maintain the appearance of carpeting and hardwood floors throughout the winter. 

Vacuum and Clean Floors Twice a Week

Increase regular vacuuming and mopping to twice a week. You do not have to do both chores on the same days. By doing these a few times a week, it will reduce the amount of salt, sand, dirt, and dust in the carpeting and on the floors.

Dust Once a Week

Everyone hates dusting, but if you want to keep the home clean, you are just going to have to make sure to do this chore, at least during the winter. Remember to dust ceiling fan blades, around window and door moldings, and other areas you normally overlook. Try to do your dusting in areas within your home on the same day you are vacuuming carpets or mopping the floors.

Change Furnace Filters Monthly

Furnace filters can quickly become dirty and clogged in the winter months. A clogged filter cannot remove as much dust and other unwanted particles from the air. In addition, dirty filters increase your energy bills because your furnace has to work harder to heat the home. By changing filters monthly, you ensure your furnace is able to remove as much dust and airborne particles as possible. 

Use Door Mats

Place heavy duty door mats on both sides of entry doors into the home. The mats will help collect some of the salt, sand, dirt, snow, and water and keep it off of your floors and out of the carpeting. You should also try to take boots and shoes off outside, before entering the home. If you do not have somewhere to store you boots, get some cookie sheets with raised edges and use these to place wet boots and shoes on. 

Clean the Fireplace Frequently

If you have a fireplace and use it on a daily basis, you need to clean the ash out of it at least once a week. The ash can easily get spread into the home and into the carpeting or on your floors, especially if you have a fireplace blower fan. 

Steam Clean Carpeting and Area Rugs

Have your carpets and area rugs steam cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company in Toronto, at least once during the winter months, like after the holidays, for a quick touch up to refresh the carpets appearance. Once spring arrives, have the carpet cleaning company return to do a more detailed carpet cleaning and make any needed carpet patching and carpet repairs. 

For experienced assistance in keeping your carpeting clean through the winter, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Carpet today at 647-800-5199. We offer a wide variety of area rug, upholstery, and carpet repair, patching, and cleaning services, as well as water damage and restoration services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area.



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