Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is Eco-Friendly and Sanitary

Did you know indoor areas can contain as much as 100 times more pollutants than the outdoors? It is for this reason carpets should be vacuumed frequently, spot treated whenever there are accidental spills, and cleaned at a minimum once a year by a professional carpeting cleaning and carpet repair company in Toronto, like Dr. Carpet.

People track harmful pollutants into their homes and work on a daily basis. Most people spend on average 90 percent of their times indoors. The pollutants get trapped in carpeting and include allergens, dirt, and bacteria, as well as mold and mildew in some cases. Keeping your home’s or business’ carpets clean presents you with various carpet cleaning methods.

One of the more eco-friendly methods is call low moisture cleaning. With this method, a carbonated solution is mixed with an encapsulating cleaning product. The solution is sprayed directly onto the carpet’s surface to help penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and release the dirt, dust, pet dander, stains, and more.

Next, a round buffer pad, which is also called a “bonnet,” is attached to a scrubbing machine. The pad helps work the mixture deep into the carpeting with its rotating motion. The low moisture carpet cleaning machine is similar to a floor buffing machine used on hardwood and tiled floors. During the cleaning process, the bonnet pad is absorbent and helps attract the soil and other debris trapped in the carpeting. The pad is replace frequently throughout the process until the carpets are clean.

Since the low moisture method uses a special encapsulation and carbonated solution, carpeting dries rather quacking, depending on the type and thickness, with most traditional styles of carpeting being dry within about an hour.

How Does Encapsulation Help Clean Carpeting?

The encapsulation cleaning product used with low moisture carpet cleaning is a special polymer compound that contain special particles. When they come into contact with dirt, soil, dust, and other debris in the carpeting, they crystallize and transform into tiny little sponges to soak up stains, dirt, and debris from your carpeting.

The deep-cleaning compound contained within the crystals continues to work even after the cleaning process is complete. As the carpeting dries, the crystals continue to absorb any remaining residues, which then are removed by vacuuming the carpeting after it has dried.

Our low moisture carpet cleaning solution is well suited for high traffic areas where carpets can look dirty and dingy, as well as stairs. We can even help find all those “hidden” areas your pets might have had accidents and you were unaware using our detailed black light inspections and decontamination carpet cleaning processes.

Keep in mind the actual solutions required for your home or business can vary, based upon the amount of dirt, traffic, staining, and other such factors. Feel free to contact Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 now to request a quote for carpet cleaning, patching, repairing, installation, or stretching services in Toronto and the GTA.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repairs in Toronto

There are numerous commercial businesses and office spaces throughout Toronto and the GTA that have some form of carpeting and entrance mats or runners, and even some with area rugs over hardwood or tiled flooring. Maintaining the appearance of carpeted areas is essential as it helps improve the look and feel of your business and make a good first impression with your customers, clients, and vendors.

When carpeting is not maintained and kept clean, it attracts dust, dirt, dust mites, mold, mildew, and a host of other unsavory things. Not to mention, it makes your business look poorly cared for and dirty. Would you want to eat a restaurant where the carpeting looked filthy, had tears and rips in it and your shoes stuck to it as you walked to your table? In most cases, probably not and you would leave and find someplace else to eat that had clean looking carpets.

The first benefit of commercial carpet cleaning services in Toronto is helping you keep carpeting clean and maintaining its appearance. In addition, here at Dr. Carpet, we can even patch and repair worn areas of the carpeting used in your business without having to replace all of it. But, keep in mind it does depend upon the overall condition of the actual carpeting, so in some cases, if the carpeting is beyond saving, it might have to be replaced, in which case we can lend our expertise to ensure it is installed correctly.

The next benefit of commercial carpeting cleaning on a regular basis is it improves the overall air quality and reduces the spread of illnesses. All that dirt, dust, dust mites, and other things in the carpeting can easily be spread into the air and circulated around your business. Once in the air, you may notice strange odours or could experience respiratory problems from allergies, as well as illnesses and infections from bacteria living in the carpeting.

The next wonderful benefit of carpeting cleaning and patching services is it extends the life of the carpeting. Well maintained and regularly cleaned carpets last much longer and have to be replaced less frequently. Investing in commercial carpeting cleaning company to clean, patch, and repair carpeting a few times each year is significantly less than having to get new carpeting installed every few years because you failed to take care of it.

Dr. Carpet offers commercial area rug, floor runner, carpet and upholstery cleaning, patching, and repair services for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Business Offices
  • Retail Stores/Outlets
  • Apartments
  • Condominium Associations, and More!

Our experienced carpet professional can also lend assistance should your business ever experience one of the sources of water damage and you are faced with water soaked carpeting. For more information about our commercial services and to schedule an appointment, contact us today by calling 647.800.5199. We look forward to helping you keep the carpeting within your business looking great!

Benefits of Carpet Stretching

Bulging Carpeting? Save Money by Having It Professional Stretched 

Over time, your carpeting can start to become loose and start to detach from the tacking strips when it was first installed. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as pushing and pulling furniture over the carpeting, rather than lifting it, or if it was not properly installed. Should this happen, the carpet can start to bunch up and bulge in specific areas, typically in those high-traffic areas. 

If you ignore the bulges, not only do they create safety hazards in your home or business, since people could easily trip on them, fall down, and get hurt, it also causes these carpeting to wear quick in this location. With constant foot traffic, within several months to a year, the carpeting will wear away, and the bulge starts to turn into a rip with frayed edges. 

The most effective way to remove bunched up section and bulges from carpeting is with carpeting pulling and stretching services in Toronto and the GTA, available from Dr. Carpet. Ideally, you will want to have these services performed as soon as you notice there is a problem with the carpeting to prevent it from becoming torn, frayed, and damaged further. However, in the event this does occur, there are repair and patching options available, as well, to ensure your carpeting’s appearance is restored. 

Does Stretching Make Carpeting Last Longer?

Carpet stretching could extend the life of your carpeting in cases where it is bunching up, bulging, or has become detached from the tacking strips. Professional carpet installers use special pulling tools and other equipment to stretch the carpet, gently and carefully, so it is flatter. This process removes bulges and prevents them from be worn down faster and holes, rips, tears, and fraying from occurring. 

What Prep Work Is Needed Before Carpets Can Be Stretched?

In order to correctly stretch carpeting, prior to the work, everything needs to be removed off of the carpeting. All furniture, lamps, end tables, desks, chairs, and so on, have to be taken out of the room and placed in another area of the home, temporarily. After the carpet has been stretched, the items can be replaced back into the room right away. In most cases, our professional installers can provide assistance in removing items from the room where the work is being performed. 

Should I Get Any Other Related Carpeting Services Completed At the Same Time?

It is highly recommended to consider getting your carpets professional cleaned, repaired, and patched at the same time. Since everything will be out of the room, it makes performing these services simpler, easier, and faster. Patching and repair services resolve problems with cigarette, cigar, fireplace ember, and iron burns, beverage and bleach stains, seaming problems, and Berber runs. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to resolve any small areas of permanent damage to carpeting, which provides invisible results. Afterwards, most people cannot even find where the damage was before the repairs. 

Here at Dr. Carpet, in the event your carpeting is well past its life and our stretching, repair and patching services cannot deliver the results you desire, our professional installers will let you know right away, so you do not waste your time or your money. Should you require new carpeting, or other flooring installation services, the experts at Dr. Carpet are here to help, and offer these and other residential and commercial installation services:

  • Runner Bindings
  • Stairs and Risers
  • Retrofitting
  • Tear Outs
  • Glue Downs
  • Relocating
  • Tack and Transitions
  • Specialty Gym, Office, and Theatre Carpeting

To learn more about our carpet repair, patching, stretching, cleaning, and installation services for homes and businesses in Toronto and throughout the GTA, call Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 now and ask for your free home/office consultation and quote appointment. 




dr. carpet offers the longest repair warranty in the industy. A 6 month, transferrable Warranty.  making us the perfect choice for preparing your home for market.