Toronto Carpet Repair Company Offers Tips to Protect Carpeting in the Winter

When you think about the perfect wintertime setting, you might picture new fallen snow blanketing the city and creating stunning scenery at local parks and outdoor ice skating rinks. Someone else might picture a roaring fire in the fireplace and being curled up on the sofa soaking that heat up while enjoying their favourite book.


No matter what images come to your mind, one thing is for certain – Our carpeting can be seriously abused during the winter months. From rain, snow, and ice to salt and dirt, there are all sorts of “outdoor” items that are easy to track into the home and get onto and into carpeting. Plus, if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home, you can accidently drop ashes onto the carpeting while cleaning it out.

To help protect your carpeting and avoid unwanted staining and discoloration, our Toronto carpet repair company offers the following suggestions and tips:

  • Use high quality entry mats at entrances to the home.

You would be surprised by how many homes do not have entry mats to help collect snow, water, dirt, and other debris and stop it from getting inside. A good mat will be thick and sturdy to stand up to the cold outdoors. It is also beneficial to use a second mat inside entry ways for even more protection.

  • Always remove shoes after coming indoors.

Even if you have a mix of carpeting and hardwood floors in your home, removing your shoes prevents the transfer of dirt and helps keep the home cleaner. You can use extra floor mats to place wet shoes and boots on, as well as a shoe/boot storage unit to keep them organized and out of the way.

  • Before cleaning wood burning appliances, put down a large plastic trash bag over the flooring.

Most fireplaces and wood burning stoves have some sort of stone finishing around them, but could be located in rooms where there is also carpeting. Placing the trash bag down will help prevent ashes from accidently getting into the carpeting. After you clean out the fireplace or stove, use a small brush and dust pan around the outside to clean up any ashes you dropped, then carefully roll up the plastic bag.

  • Vacuum at least once a week.

Even with your best efforts, dirt, salt, and other soil could get into the carpeting. Vacuuming will help prevent it from getting too deep into the carpeting and prevent damaging carpet fibres.

  • Make sure small tears, rips, and snags are repaired promptly.

If you notice damage has occurred, do not wait to have it fixed. Waiting will allow the problem to worsen, which can be more costly to fix later.

Once winter is over, remember to get your carpets cleaned with our professional carpeting cleaning services. In fact, most carpet manufacturers require you to have them cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months to avoid voiding your warranty. Please feel free to call the carpeting experts at Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 for all of your carpet patching, repair, cleaning, and stretching services today!

Does Carpeting Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a big concern in both homes and businesses these days. Making sure the air we breathe while at home or work is free from dust, allergens, bacteria, and other such pollutants is important to help prevent health problems.

You make sure to change the air filters on your home heating and cooling system on a frequent basis. You use a humidifier in the winter to keep the proper levels of humidity in the home, which also helps to reduce illness causing bacteria. You may even be diligent about making sure the carpeting in your home is vacuumed on a regular basis.

However, there could be dust, dust mites, allergens, and other small particles trapped down inside the lush carpeting’s pile. Getting to these trapped particles in the carpeting can be difficult with a normal vacuum cleaner. In order to truly release the dirt, dust, pet dander, and other such items requires regular carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company in Toronto. 

Getting your carpet deep cleaned removes these items and helps restore the carpeting’s appearance, luster, and feel. Furthermore, the dust and allergens deeply embedded in the carpeting are removed, helping improve the indoor air quality within your home or business. 

How Often Should I Get My Carpeting Cleaned?

Keep in mind the frequency of carpeting cleaning does depend upon several different factors and should be based upon the most appropriate schedule that best matches your own residential or commercial needs.  

1. How much foot traffic does the carpeting receive? The more foot traffic your carpeting gets, the more often it should be cleaned to prevent wear and tear patterns.

2. Do you have pets that live indoors or both indoors and outdoors? Pets are a source of pet dander. If they spend time outside and inside, they can also track in fleas and other unwanted guests that could be living in your carpeting and may require for frequent cleanings.  

3. What is the overall age and condition of the carpeting? As carpeting ages, it tends to need to be cleaned more often than newer carpeting. Keep in mind, on average good quality carpeting will last around ten years before it needs replaced.

4. Is there areas of the carpeting that often get wet from rain or snow? Moisture trapped in the carpeting on a regular occurrence can lead to the development of mildew and mold. If you have high traffic areas that are getting wet quite often, then these areas should be professional cleaned and treated frequently.  

5. Do people wear their shoes while walking on the carpeting? Shoes track in dust, dirt, allergens, and other items that will fall off and get stuck down inside the carpeting. To keep the carpeting looking great, you will want to get it cleaned regularly.  

If your carpeting has thin spots, tears, or other signs of wear and tear, depending on the age of the carpeting, these areas can be fixed by our Toronto carpet repair company and will help extend the life of the carpeting. Once fixed, they should be cleaned on the same schedule as the rest of the carpeting. For more information about carpet cleaning, repairs or stretching services, call the carpeting experts at Dr. Carpet at 647.800.5199 today!

What Is Better: Replace or Repair Carpeting?

One frequently asked question we receive here at Dr. Carpet is it better to replace carpeting or attempt to repair it. Typically, carpeting is one of the top three investments homeowners make to maintain their homes. For business owners, carpeting can be a major expense, too. There are several key factors you need to consider in order to determine the most appropriate solution for your home or business.


  1. The age of the carpeting. Most high-quality carpets last on average about ten years with the proper maintenance, care, and cleaning.
  2. The appearance of the carpeting. Depending upon the colour of the carpeting, even carpets that are less than ten years old can look worn in high traffic areas. If that lightly coloured carpeting, you have in your home or business is starting to show signs where it appears darker in certain areas because of dirt, cleaning and repairing could be an option.
  3. Worn areas where the carpet is thinner, frayed, or completely worn away. If you have to use duct tape to keep people from tripping over the carpeting, patching services could resolve this type of problem.
  4. How long you expect to remain in your current location. If you planning on moving soon or relocating your business, investing in new carpeting may not always be the best choice compared to repairs and cleaning. However, new carpeting could make it easier to sell or rent the property and possibly increase the sales or rental price.
  5. The amount you want to invest. If you are on a tight budget right now, repairing and cleaning your carpets tends to cost less than installing new.
  6. The age of your children. If you have younger kids, spills are going to happen and your carpeting is going to be pushed to the limits. It might be more worthwhile to forego new carpeting until they are older and use repairs and carpet cleaning as a solution for now.
  7. The number of pets in the home. Pets can also be rough on carpeting and most of the wear and tear they put on it is easy to maintain with regular repairs and cleanings to ensure you get the most life out of it before it has to be replaced.

In addition to these factors, you should also weigh the safety considerations depending upon the area of the carpeting that needs repaired and/or replaced.


If you are still undecided, our Toronto carpet repair company recommends obtaining free estimates and doing a cost comparison. It could also be beneficial to consider getting a small section of the carpet cleaned and repaired to see the results firsthand. Most people are amazed at our high-quality level of carpeting patching and repair services!


For more information about our carpet repair, patching, or cleaning services for your Toronto-area home or business, please feel free to contact the carpeting experts at Dr. Carpet today by calling 647.800.5199 and requesting your FREE quote!



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