5 Tips & Tricks to Help Keep Carpeting Clean During the Winter

Do you picture a white, beautiful snowfall with everything nicely covered like in a picturesque postcard when you think of winter? While it can be gorgeous outside, snow presents all sorts of challenges for the inside of your home.


Carpeting Cleaning During Winter


You must deal with rock salt, dirt, and water getting tracked indoors. Then there is the matter of grey and black spots staining your carpeting. What can you do to still enjoy the snow and keep it outside where it belongs while protecting your carpeting?


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How To Tell When Your Carpeting Has Mold In It

If your carpeting gets wet and remains damp for prolonged periods, there is a good chance mold will form. The problem, however, is you may not necessarily notice mold has formed because it can easily be hidden away in the underlying carpet layer. In some cases, you might not ever see actual mold on top of the carpeting.


Carpeting Cleaning Toronto


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Summertime Carpet Cleaning Hacks

With summertime quickly approaching, so comes fun-filled barbecues and get-togethers. Despite our guests’ best efforts spills are almost inevitable — especially by our littlest visitors. When spills happen it is important to act quickly to get the stain up before it sets. Try one of these cleaning hacks to keep your carpet stain-free in-between professional carpet cleanings.


Summertime Carpet Cleaning


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