Summertime Carpet Cleaning Hacks

With summertime quickly approaching, so comes fun-filled barbecues and get-togethers. Despite our guests’ best efforts spills are almost inevitable — especially by our littlest visitors. When spills happen it is important to act quickly to get the stain up before it sets. Try one of these cleaning hacks to keep your carpet stain-free in-between professional carpet cleanings.


Summertime Carpet Cleaning


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5 Great Reasons to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Many of us with carpeted homes have thought about having our floors professionally cleaned. A fresh, sanitized, and good-looking carpet can improve the look of the home and go a long way toward improving indoor air quality. If you have considered having your carpet professionally cleaned but are still not convinced, consider these five great reasons to call in your Toronto area professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional Carpet Cleaning


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How to Remove Odours from Carpet

If you have recently moved into a carpeted rental, or live with small children, pets, or someone who is a big fan of do-it-yourself projects, you may have noticed that your carpet smells funny. Over time, animal waste, dirt and other contaminants build up deep in the carpet’s fibers causing an unusual or unpleasant odour. Even newer carpets aren’t immune to taking on a funny smell — especially when there are pets in the home. So what can you do to get rid of nasty smells from your carpet once and for all?

Remove Odours from Carpet

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